The Wadv~Walk in peace willl travel to Yawhoo falls April 16 2001. The infamous  site is where Cornblossom, Tuckahoe, Standing Fern and 103 Cherokee Children were massacred in 1810. Please join us as the Doublehead family members takes us to this beautiful location as we learn of our  pasts.     I am told there is a rainbow above the falls, only seen under the new moon. Please join us Tsa la gi
Cumberland Falls
Ywahoo Falls
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Middle Falls
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Eagle Falls
Fort Louden, Tuskeegee TN
During the Wadv We take the chance to Visit this fort Located on Near where Sequoyah as born. The particpoants of the Wadv worked at saving this fort this year and keeping it an open public place we all can still visit. One of the last remaining Indian Forts still standing. This Fort and its construction ws orchestrated by Chief Hanging Maw for a safe place to do trading in Indian Territory. 
The Tellico Blockhouse just across the water is in rubble and only the foundation remains today
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