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The History of the Cherokee Trail of Tears Walk.
Now and then.
Pictures of surrounding areas of theWalk.
A place to stay for those who just  cant camp out but want to  be near
The Walk  in Peace is able to accomodate those who are handicapped as well, so know you are welcome.
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Some history on Spanish Mustangs and Indian Ponies. The Cherokee are associated with these ponies through my GGGGgrandfather Principle Chief Old Tassel

UPDATE: U T now admits that they have found at least 4 graves in Townsend Tennessee.  We are still fighting for UT and T-DOT to stop work and to let them rest in peace. But we still need help. The meetings are still taking place in Townsend between townsfolk and NAIM at  Shirleys Resturant. Everyone is made to feel welcome. Everyone has a chance to be heard. We meet every Thursday at 7 p.m. Now is the time to be heard. Now is the time to finally stand up and say we have had enough. It matters not if you are Native American,White,Black or Green for that matter! When we take a stand we are all one.  This Saturday we are to have prayer  at the graves. Please come and be with us. As the Holy Man present last week said all the prayers end up at the same place when it comes from the heart.
Wadv~Walk in Peace plans 2001
The Wadv will travel to Kentucky and the Cumberland gap for Cornblossom Reunion
Pictures taken at the Wadv~Walk in Peace.
Mr President-Please bring Leonard home safely.                learn about the troubles at 
          Pine Ridge-Lahkota Reservation. May peace find its way to all those of that place.

                Click on the picture of Indian bones  to review informational pages regarding Archealogy digs in this country in the name of science. I cant remember ever a yonega cemtery experiencing this so called science
To see Cherokee Genealogy 
and connect to researchers
Welcome to 
Wadv~Walk in Peace 
A walk of the first 13 miles of the Trail of Tears during the Tsalagi Green Corn Ceremony
and is set aside to honor those ancestors before us but their Trail must never be forgotten
To know the past is to find honor, to find honor is to have a future
This Walk stops in 2038
Wadv Oginali
Wado Gohusdi

Doplar Radar
Maps and Directions
Chicamaugan Territory Cherokee Agency
Authentic Indian Tipi's
See the Truth about Townsend
The Wadv Walk in Peace is a Cherokee Genealogy based family gathering set once a year to meet in revival of honor to our ancestors who once lived along the Little Tennesse and Chicamaugan areas of the original 
Cherokee Agency 
This celebrations is under the
New Moon Ceremony

Tellico Lake Property Development
The fight with TVA
Tuckaheechee Cove Tennessee, 
Woodland Indians highway Archeological dig.
UPDATE: TVA names streets after dead Indians who were enver paid for treatied Lands  with permission  and assistance of with Cherokee
Protected Heroin/Meth Dealer in Missoula Montana
Corrupt Missoula cop stalking me
The cop who tried to kill me

Canis Major
Click map for larger image
of the Cherokee Agency
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In Honor of Teresa Corntassel and all those who have had cancer, either won, or lost their lives.