The Beating from Officer Wray Dana 
The Corruption of Snohomish County Washington Law Enforcement
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On Morning of January 31, 1999 I was arrested at a motel 6 in Snohomish county Washington, roughed up by two officers and taken to Snohomish Count Corrections for alledgely driving without my headlights on ticket.  
Officer Wray Dana Badge # 8055 escorted me from the Officers desk to the corner of the room where the entry door is and slammed my head into the corner like a child. He then handcuffed me and instructed me to stand there. He left me alone to go back to the desk and retrieve a second pair of Handcuffs. I still wear the scars from both sets to this day. Officer Dana then opened the door and placed his arm up through mine grabbing me by my pony tail and walked me out to the elevator where as we got closer he walked faster to a point I realized I was being forced agin ito the wall. I tried to slow this process and he said "Oh no ya don't" and then he then drove me headfirst into the corner of the left elevator where the steel corner wraps around the concrete blocks. My head glanced off to the right and to the ground I fell face first. I remember him jumping on my back and proceding to pound me but I fell semi unconsious from the hits to the back of my head. I remember someone asking "Hey wray, whats up man, this guy just got here". Officer Dana Responded "I don't know man, I just went off on him"
I was then escorted by about 8 officers to the top floor holding cell (the hole) where I was sat on a steel bed with no pad, no blanket and instructed "we are going to take the cuffs off now,  stay right here". As the officers backed out the door I stood and asked, You call this Justice holding my bloody wrists up at them. They closed the door and turned up the air conditioning. I lay on the steel bed for hours in shock, getting up from time to time to request to be seen by the nurse. Hours later Nurse Christianson came to aid me, but only took a look at me as I counted out 23 bleeding holes which were now frozen to my skin. I received no aid whatsoever and I never have been able to obtain a report from the nurse herself on the matter.
For 7 months I lay in bed unable to move, my sores festered and my neighbor would come from time to time to clean the wounds, eventually 23 small 1/2 square plastic chips came out of each sore and they healed. There is still a lump in the back of my head from one of these and it causes me headaches nearly every day. The white chips were taped under my desk and were removed from my house on March 23 1999 when they raided my house and claimed there was a suicide attempt call made in my behalf. I had no made any such claim nor had spoke to my mother they said had called. I was removed from my house and taken to Providence hospital and was cleared of the matter. I was back in my house in 4 hours. It took the Everett Police 11 minutes to repond to the call. When i entered my fifth wheel RVI was shocked to see my house turned upside down, and many of my expensive items missing. I was given back a Police scanner many months later which I picked up from the Everett Police evidence Locker. 
I never saw my gold watch again nor my medication for pain for the broken bones I had recieved Janruary 31 1999.
Wray Dana
Wray Dana
Fugitive Alert
Contact Snohomish County Sheriff tipline at 425-388-3845
Wray Dana is 6'-2" 260;bs, balding and is 62 years of age at least and lives in the Lake Stevens area of Washington state.
He is also known as Snohomish County Sheriff Officer 8055 and is wanted for aggrivated assault and attempted murder. It is more than obvious the investigation was only a conpsiracy.