The Beating from Officer Wray Dana
The Corruption of Snohomish County Washington Law Enforcement
On Morning of January 31, 1999 I was arrested at a motel 6 in Snohomish county Washington, roughed up by two officers and taken to Snohomish Count Corrections for alledgely driving without my headlights on ticket.
4/16/2003 - HeraldNet: County jail director out
Snohomish County's embattled corrections department director, Andrea Bynum, is no longer employed with the county, although officials will not say whether she left voluntarily or was fired.

4/15/2003 - HeraldNet: Bynum out as county jails chief
Snohomish County's embattled Department of Corrections director Andrea Bynum is no longer employed, although officials refused to say whether she left voluntarily or was fired.

4/4/2003 - HeraldNet - Former inmates sue county
Two former inmates at the Snohomish County Jail are suing the county because the women were forced three years ago to strip naked in an outdoor recreation area, in view of a male corrections officer.

3/30/2003 - HeraldNet - Jail chief advises staff counseling
The top manager at the Snohomish County Jail is suggesting that her staff seek counseling for what she characterizes as a "barrage of misinformation and allegations from the media and other sources" in recent weeks.

3/27/2003 - HeraldNet - Supervisor linked to jail inquiry
A high-ranking supervisor at the Snohomish County Jail played a role last summer in the earliest stages of an investigation into a relative's alleged sexual misconduct with inmates, according to jail documents obtained by The Herald.

3/26/2003 - HeraldNet - County jail chief denies coverup
The top manager at the Snohomish County Jail has written a letter to her boss insisting there was nothing improper about her department's handling of repeated investigations last year into a former jail cook's alleged sexual misconduct with inmates.

3/21/2003 - HeraldNet - Jail inmate's death attributed to natural causes
A woman who was found dead in the Snohomish County Jail died a natural death, according to information released Thursday by the county medical examiner. Diane Katherine Stults, 45, died Feb. 11.

3/19/2003 - HeraldNet - Bail money not the first thing to go missing at county jail
The $10,000 in bail money missing from a safe at the Snohomish County Jail is not the only property that can't be accounted for at the maximum-security lockup in Everett.
9/16/2003 - HeraldNet: No charges filed against jail cook accused of misconduct
No charges will be filed against a former Snohomish County jail cook who was accused last year of fondling inmates and offering them sex in the kitchen.

6/3/2003 - HeraldNet: JAIL PROBLEMS
After reading the comments made by former Snohomish County Corrections Director Andrea Bynum, it seem obvious why she was ineffective in that position ("Ex-jail chief felt sabotaged," May 27). She claims that "it has to be everybody's problem."

5/27/2003 - HeraldNet: Ex-jail chief felt sabotaged
(c) 2003, The Daily Herald Co. EVERETT -- On one of her final days as Snohomish County's corrections director, Andrea Bynum visited 4-South.

5/17/2003 - HeraldNet: Jail nurse pleads guilty to sex charge
A former male nurse at the Snohomish County Jail can expect to serve up to a year behind bars after pleading guilty Friday to trading drugs for sexual favors.

5/8/2003 - HeraldNet: Ex-jail chief says she's scapegoat
Snohomish County's former corrections chief says she was fired from her job last month in part because she is black, and the county needed a scapegoat for problems at the jail.

4/29/2003 - HeraldNet: Trouble for jail's money records
The Snohomish County Jail has been relying on hand-written ledgers, loose files and paper clips to keep track of nearly $1 million in cash that belongs to inmates. From time to time, some of that money has gone missing.

4/23/2003 - HeraldNet: New jail chief hired
A week after Snohomish County's corrections chief left her job in the midst of scandal, county officials Tuesday announced they have found somebody to fill the post.

4/22/2003 - HeraldNet: Jail director leaving King for Snohomish County
Snohomish County has a new jail chief. Steve Thompson, director of the King County Department of Adult and Juvenile Detention, has been hired to lead Snohomish County's Corrections Department, officials said today

4/21/2003 - HeraldNet: Fixing problems at jail a step-by
Listings of news articles regarding Andrea Brynum as Snohomish County Jail Chief
5/1/2002 City of Everett Police Chief and crimes against persons team finally respond by letter to incident claiming incident never happened. Police claim they now cant find officer Wray Dana nor do they have reasonable doubt.

4/4/2002 - HeraldNet - Inmate claims neglect at jail
A pregnant Snohomish County inmate couldn't get the care she needed in the jail, leaving her seriously dehydrated and losing weight, a jail doctor says. Dr.

1/28/2001 Brian Corntassel sends email to Snohomish County to report beating with aid of doctors behind him.

10/14/2001 - HeraldNet - A tight squeeze
Rick Goldsmith spent up to 20 hours a day confined to his bed at the Snohomish County Jail. At times, he shared a toilet with 39 other men. But he was fortunate in one respect. Toward the end, he didn't have to sleep on a mat on the floor.

7/2001 Brian Corntassel is finally up walking around but still limping and in pain.

1/29/2001 - HeraldNet - Jail grapples
Snohomish County officials have been grappling with a recent report that shows some jail workers complaining of discrimination in the only department with a black director.

2/2/2001 Brian Corntassel calls 911 from 7-11 store at 112th and I-99 to report incident. Police fail to arrive in 3 hours time of waiting.

1/31/2001 Snohomish County correction officer Wray Dana attacks Brian Corntassel.

1/21/2001 - HeraldNet - Report: Jail rife with dissension
Some Snohomish County Jail workers say the jail is plagued by low morale, overwork, locks that don't always work and racial favoritism, according to a consultant's report obtained by The Herald.

10/27/2000 - HeraldNet - Finch gave no hint of leaping
Charles Ben Finch paced back and forth on the second floor of a Snohomish County Jail unit just after 8 o'clock Wednesday night, muttering something to himself.

6/27/2000 - HeraldNet - Jail officer threatens suit over inmate
A corrections officer at the Snohomish County Jail is threatening a $20 million lawsuit after being charged last month with official misconduct for allegedly asking a female inmate to disrobe and take a shower in front of him.

5/24/2000 - HeraldNet - Wanted: more officers
Snohomish County Department of Corrections should hire more officers to reduce the nearly $4 million spent during the last four years in overtime costs, a report says.

5/9/2000 - HeraldNet - Jailer charged in dress incident
A corrections officer at the Snohomish County Jail was charged Monday with official misconduct for allegedly asking a female inmate to disrobe and take a shower in front of him last month.

3/4/1999 - HeraldNet - County jail officers get 3-year contract
For 14 months, about 130 custody and corrections officers have worked at the Snohomish County Jail without a labor contract.