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-Missoula Community Hospital Dr  Aaron Feist 3-3-15
-Missoula Community Hospital Dr Scott Greer 3-5-15
-Missoula Bone & Joint Dr Charles Sullivan 3-17-15
-Dan Jarvis Chiropractic xxxx Russell 3-17-15
-Nora Keating Trenton Indian Services 5-4-15,& 5-11-15
Sidney Health Center ER 12-21-15 Rib Fractures
Click here to view Order of Protection application Corntassel filed on Cowan(To date the City of Missoula refuses to provide me that application)

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Biography of Brian Gene Corntassel
3-26-1960 Tulsa Oklahoma
Going Snake Cherokee Nation
Hometown: Missoula MT
Current Bainville MT
Medical conditions of Brian Gene Corntassel
Brians alleged mental health.
Charges Montana State V Brian Corntassel
May 6 2015
Fighting the Illuminati, Freemasons and those in control of Missoula Montana and the world.
Basics of this case: Lured to Missoula to relocate cars after back to back evictions in 2014 orchestrated by Missoula City Attorneys Office employees. I was assaulted by my new landlord of les than a week discovering he is a major Missoula Heroin Dealer. I was treated at emergency for broken bones then falsely arrested. On March 5 2015 I was released from MCDF without being arraigned or posting bail. My witnesses story matched mine. Jeb Cowan had threatened me, I am going to kill you, my children are watching in the ftont windown and IM not backing down until your dead in my street". On March 5 2015 I returned to Missoula Community Hospital where two officers arrived to deprive me of being examined and treated calling me a lair of who assaulted who. When I brought up the matter I had to stab Jeb Cowan in the calf with a knife to stop from being killed the cops denied a knife was involved. I may never play Guitar again in my life.  Immediately after being assaulted I was arrested based on false charges. Law enforcement hates me inside their computer. I am a victim of Domestic Terrorism since an early age, I am  not a criminal.
The reason for Habeas Corpus
I'm accused of threatening to kill people in Missoula in which I had just moved out of, crossed the state and allegedly threatened I was going to waste the gas to come back and do the job I didn't do before I left, allegedly. Private Investigator Bill Buzzell Informs me Missoula County has been building this case for years now. 25 years or more now. I'm stalked by Missoula Law Enforcement who are hell bent on assumptions to lock me up the remainder of my life.  I need help but it isn't mental yet, I need legal help. My cell phone has no cell range where I live for a 26 mile radius. First they claim they had facebook threats, then August 11 2015 discovered there was no facebook threat. Now they plan to attack my phone which has no cell range. They claim the phone sent the messages but cannot provide the phone for testing.
Ah and you say, Hey that's not the same guy as this guy. Rightyo Watson, you have it. And I do not have a facebook page, so they claim this guy is me. It is not well known there are 4 Brian Corntassel alive at this time. I have the right to ask which one they want.
Allegedly. Clearly one can see this is not my facebook page.

An attack on religion. Ahijah was Aarons great grandson from 1st Samuel, 1st Kings.
Now the state of Montana claims this guy above is going to commit mass murder on people unknown just because they tell you that's I am. Not because Ive stated that to anyone  nor made those claims., nor have those plans. I am the victim of Domestic terrorism.  Not a terrorist as accused. I just want a place of peace.
Missoula Planning Department permission to park cars for the winter. M1R-2 Zoning 12-16-2014
The Missoula City Attorneys off ice sees it differently. 
I disagree.    12-25-2014     Evicted 9 days later, 2nd since August XX, 2014
The illegal Lure
On May 11 2015 I was false arrested after the Missoula County Sheriff contacted my Doctors and prevented me from being treated to create a false lawsuit.
Class action Lawsuit pending:
Written in the kitchen of my good friend Dana Osborn where which eventually took her life.This song was written about his mothers struggle with powdered drug addiction and selfishness of the addict.
Fade Away-Dana Osborn Band
My time with Dana Osborn was my Seattle Seahawk days 1998 through my departure from Seattle in 2003.
Attorney List:
Daniel El Dweek, Public Defender Williston ND June 2015
Bryan Yowell, Public Defender Missoula MT July xx 2015 to July August xx 2015
Christine ? Public Defender Missoula MT to August xx 2015
Lisa Kauffman Public Defender Missoula MT August xx 2015 to date
Privacy and Communications.  Jeb Cowan 
April 4, 2015                               $1500 Bond/OR
Intimidation-Ken Guy
May 6 2015                                $100,000 Bond/OR
Jeb Cowan follows Alex Jones

Things that show this is an ongoing conspiracy by:

My May 11 2015 Arrest Sequence of events
1. January 1 2014, Welfare checks on Eugene Corntassel, 93 Missoula MT began as requested by1641 S 14 W  house resident Shannon Poche, ex-wife of David Corntassel. "David is starving your dad to death to take his house".
2. Jaunary 12, 2014 Entry made to open door, father fed Mcdonalds assaulted by David, Fled home being struck by David's cane.
3. return home to call 911 and met at door by Police. At gunpoint Nikki Rogers, Missoula City Deputy Clerk is ordered to drop down so I can take him out" by MPD Pat Erbacher.
1. Aug xx 2014 Applied for Protection Order on Eugene Matelich for attempted assault with a vehicle preceding 2 sexual assaults on my female roommates JD1 & JD2.
1. Aug xx 2014 evicted from 2012 North Eugene Matelich
2. Aug xx 2014 Permit to enter property
3. Aug xx 2014 threatened by Don Matelich, Lewis Matelich
On March 3 205 Brian was assaulted by Jeb Lucas Cowan, a known  Heroin/Methamphetamine dealer in the Missoula area. Brian was treated at Missoula Community hospital for broken hand bones.
On march 5 2015 Brian was released from custody of MCDF and returned to Missoula Community Hospital at which time two MCSO deputies arrived at the hospital to attempt to derail him obtaining further exams and care from the 3-3-15 assault.
On May 4 2015 Brian had x-rays taken at Trenton Indian Services for his spinal injuries from 3-3-15.
Between May 4 2015 and May 11 2015 MCSO contacted Trenton Indian services to advice them not to treat Brian Corntassel and alleged he was going to kill people in Bainville, none of which was true.
On May 11 2015 Brian returned to Trenton to be treated by Dr Nora Keating, only to be arrested by Williams County Sheriffs department at he order of Missoula County Sheriffs department attempting to cover-up the class action lawsuit which occurred 3-3-15 of the false arrest. in the US we don't arrest the victim, generally.
September 15 2015 Judge Dusty Deschamps orders Brian released OR from MCDF. Missoulian's are so paranoid they refuse to release him until someone from across the state 12 hours can come drive him away. 
Is it questionable as to whom needs protection?
I advise no one to be treated by Dr Nora Keating. I had no idea she was a psychiatrist as the Newspaper claims.
October 1 2015 released from MCDF. FINALLY
On October  23 2015 Brian dared to returned to Trenton Indian Services after his May 11 False arrest to obtain dental help for problems he encountered march 3 2015.
If there are complications in Brian's Healthcare he is legally entitled to please call 
Missoula Attorney Lisa Kauffman 406-542-2726 RESIGNED November 17 2015
Myshel Lyday of Lyday Law Offices fired November 16 2015, appeared in court 11-17-15 anyways.
November 16 2015 Warrant issued Missoula City Municipal for non appearance
December x 2015 District Hearing denies Lisa Kauffman to resign as my attorney, I have fired her anyway
December 18 I got ankle bracelet removed
Very Important pre-existing information:
In 1981 Brian Corntassel's own mother Ramona Jean Houseman Corntassel began stalking Brian to his employment offices and placing harassment phone calls to those Business until which time Brian would be fired. In 1989 Ramona reported Brian had murdered his wife and left her dead in a Phoenix desert, no truth to the matter, just false information to law enforcement. Brian's ex-wife is alive and well in now living Montana.
In 1994 Ramona placed three hundred thirty (330) 911 phone calls on Brian to create an alibi in the theft of his Missoula home. On XX 1994 Brian Applied for help and obtained Orders of Protection from Missoula Municipal Court. In 1995 He obtained Orders of Protection from Washington state. Neither order was upheld by Missoula law enforcement, Scott Pastian is guilty of contempt of court for harassing Brian when he demanded the orders be honored. Instead Ramona breached the orders & kept calling Police and created 32 at gunpoint encounters against her son. Over 20 violations were documented in 1995. The problem began in 1993.
A list of Brian's employments can be found in his Portfolio and Credentials of his Biography. 
Brian worked in the field of Architecture/CADD in which he was trained, but he also has as degree in Autobody and paint and from 1980 through 2000 he restored a vehicle ground-up to like new. After a Spinal fracture in 2001 he was not able to sit at a computer a full day nor was responsible in timing as pain had taken over. Multiple surgeries still await Mr Corntassel, yet everyone financial has long forgotten. Brian is entitled the right to protect himself just as any other citizen.
49-1-101. Right of protection from personal injury
49-1-102. Freedom from discrimination
49-1-103. Right to use force
49-1-201. Right to state's protection

Vandalism and destruction committed by Jeb Lucas Cowan at 7602 Flagler Rd on 3-3-15 and Milltown Garage 3-31-2015. On 3-3-15, vandalism report 2015-2968 was filed by the Missoula County Sheriff deputy Travis. On 4-4-15 MCSO Deputy Schmill (pictured) filed destruction report 2015-4891 at Milltown garage W. Riverside MT. A reward exists for information leading to the arrest and prosecution of the culprit. MCSO has refused to let me obtain these crime reports but pursuant the Freedom of Information Act I am entitled to them. These are not even half of the photos we have taken, 4 victims are involved- A Class Action Lawsuit against Missoula County is pending.
Knife contains DNA of Jeb Cowan covering my blood from 3-3-15 assault followed by False arrest.
Missoula Montana Law enforcement is filled with corruption and discrimination. The sheriff TJ McDermott has been found guilty of this.
Montana discrimination laws.
This page is White on black for good reason
Fade Away
Recorded in Seattle
Now examine the photographs at the bottom of this page and advise me how I am the one being arrested and facing ten years in prison this coming January at trial?
Explain to me how multiple witnesses see Jeb Cowan remove these cars from his property and then damages them then calls the cops on me, he is named the suspect but the cops come and arrest me. That's called aiding and abetting and official misconduct the Governor of Montana is protecting.
Missoula City Deputy Attorney Gary Henricks doesn't feel I am entitled to protection from injury. He can be reached at 406-552-6020 for questions as to why he refuses to protect disabled people. I became disabled 1-31-1999 after a cop tried to kill me and broke my neck and spine ending my career. 
On April 10 2015 I file an application for an order of protection OP-2015-00083 Brian G Corntassel vs. Jeb Lucas Cowan based on the physical assault and damage to my vehicles. Instead of being allowed to enter the courtroom for that hearing, a MIssoula County Sheriff Deputy named Ken J Guy Jr.  started stalking me and placed such fear in me I was forced to leave Missoula in efforts to obtain medical records of my injuries. The cops stalked me to North Dakota to prevent me from obtaining tat care which ahs now become permanent damages. I am seeking 12.2 Million dollars for those damages ad the defamation of my name. I was maliciously arrested based on false information to law enforcement so Jeb could protect himself, then Ken Guy did the very same thing in conspiracy. On April 15 1994 Ken Guy assaulted me and broke me hand and is attempting to protect himself from anyone in his family  i.e. wife Susan P. Guy and daughter learning this. He has mentally assaulted his own family with lies and forced them to remove their facebook pages in that effort. His daughter attends Big Sky High School. Please don't accuse me of stalking them, I've simply linked their names here so someone finds them and lets them know the truth about Ken Guy. He broke my bones and is lieing about me, which he placed slander in writing. That's Libel. Its Police corruptionIts corruption. Its simply corruption. it's intentional corruptionDirty cops.  Dirty Attorneys
Multiple Rib Fractures
Assault report full of lies
This website was originally created on 10/07/2015
This website was last modified 05/23/2016
March 3 2015 assault injuries by Jeb Cowan
MCSO Deputy Gordon Schmill  filing 2015-4891
Missoula County Sheriff's department refuse to provide with me report 2015-4891
Stolen 1999 Saturn SW2
All damages this page committed by Jeb Lucas Cowan
Poplar IHS X-ray
Trenton IHS X-ray