Cherokee Nation Treaties.
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1866 Arkansas
1763 Paris Treaty
1833 Fort Gibson
1775 Treaty of Watauga
1777 Treaty of  Long Island
1785 Treaty of Hopewell
1791 Treaty
1794 Treaty
1798 Treaty
1804 Treaty
1805 Treaty
1805b Treaty
1805c Treaty
1806 Treaty
1816 Treaty
1816b Treaty
1816c Treaty
1817 Treaty
1819 Treaty
1828 Western Treaty
1833 Western Treaty
1835 Treaty
1835b Treaty
1835 Treaty of Echota
1836 Cherokee Texas Treaty
1846 Treaty
1838 Eastern/Western Act of Union
Civil war Cherokee Braves Muster
1866 Cherokee agency Arkansas
1780 Cumberland Compact
Washington 1789-1797
Washington 1789-1797
Thomas Jefferson D-R 1802-1809
John Adams F 1797-1801
Thomas Jefferson D-R 1802-1809
James Madison D-R 1809-1817
James Madison D-R 1809-1817
James Monroe D-R 1817-1825
John Quincy Adams D-R 1825-1829
Andrew Jackson D 1829-1837
Andrew Jackson D 1829-1837
Martin Van Buren D 1837-1841
James Knox Polk D 1845-1849
Andrew Johnson R 1865-1869
Andrew Johnson R 1865-1869
Abraham Lincoln R 1861-1865
Amazing Grace
Abraham Lincolns Parden to the Cherokees-English
Abraham Lincolns Parden to the Cherokees-Cherokee
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Civil War Items
Drew's Confederate Cherokee Regiment Muster